You reconnected to you

You are not your struggle—you are much more. 

Whole Wellness Therapy, Sacramento Counseling In-person or Online

Therapists in Sacramento who specialize in addiction, anxiety, trauma and grief and loss. We provide therapy services, including counseling, psychotherapy, and psychiatric diagnostic evaluations, to individuals, couples and families.

We offer in-person appointments or the convenience of online video-therapy for California residents through our secure, HIPAA compliant client portal.


Because we seek to understand the complexity of the human experience, in lieu of assuming it, we begin from a place of curiosity, avoiding stale one-size-fits-all approaches.


 Instead, we draw from evidence-based psychology (e.g., cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and emotionally focused therapy) in addition to analytic psychology (e.g., psychodynamic therapy and existential therapy) to provide a comprehensive, individualized treatment approach that is as unique as you.

We are not one dimensional. But too often we hear a different story. 


All day our minds remind us of where we’re falling short—of how we could be doing better.


We learn ways to tune out the noise: unfulfilling relationships, happy hours, drugs, working too much, seeking approval, online shopping, and so on.

Some things work better than others, which keeps us coming back, but the problem is these ways of "getting through it" don't last and can create other problems.

Our constant need for distraction becomes overwhelming.

We start to feel like we are just existing, burning the candle at both ends—especially in our minds.


What we really want is to feel alive and some version of whole again. 

I am not what happened to me, I am who I choose to become.


 - Carl Gustav Jung

You can get reconnected.

Most of our problems don't start out as problems—they develop slowly, over time. Before long, we get used to our "used to"—even when it becomes chaotic and unmanageable. 

Though addiction, anxiety, trauma, depression—you name it—can feel oppressive and dominate many parts of our lives, our struggles are not what makes us who we are—they are a part of us, but they should not define us. 

Whole Wellness Therapy was started because we believe that connection is possible.


Our goal is to help you get reconnected—starting with you.


If our experience has taught us anything, it's that individual wholeness leads to relational wholeness.


In other words, learning to interact with yourself in new ways and on deeper levels is transformative, directly impacting your ability to have real connection with others.

Forward thinking and evidenced-based.

Belief is easier when it's observed, especially with repetition—it makes the other impossibles in our lives seem possible too.


At Whole Wellness Therapy, we believe that finding freedom from the things that haunt us is not out of reach, because we've had the privilege of watching many people overcome their "never's".

Their "I-could-never": 

  • do 

  • become 

  • get over

  • recover from 

  • deal with

  • face 

  • feel

  • talk about

  • [insert your "never" here]

Live life untethered.

What makes us different is that we believe in allowing the past to guide us while staying with the times.

That is, we respect the emergent and evolving nature of science: how ideas are developed further and deeper, cultivated by both our past and present human experience.


We too value the exploration of both.

Our revolutionary idea is that you know yourself best, which is why we don't try to fit you into a box, because what works for someone else is not guaranteed to work for you.


Instead, we draw from traditional and emergent evidenced-based psychology, and collaborate with you to help you transcend the limitations you're facing and evolve beyond what's holding you back.

The therapist must strive to create a new therapy for each patient.


Irvin Yalom, MD

We believe in keeping things holistic.

Achieve whole wellness.

Don't worry, we won't tell you to eat granola or forage for your own salad greens (unless that's what you're into).

When it comes to optimizing your mental health and emotional wellness, however, it's hard to make a case against taking a look at your lifestyle, which includes your sleep, how you manage stress and what you put into your body.

The advancements in neuropsychology have shown us that the mind-body connection is absolute (7). By definition, exploring this relationship is part of the story of getting better.


More, such advancements have shown us that "being present" moves far beyond the trendy answer its devolved into:


While not a quick fix, the benefits of mindfulness-based therapies are significant, including increased resiliency (8), enhanced adaptation to stress (4, 11) and marked reduction of the negative impacts of trauma (9), addiction (1), anxiety (10) and depression (2).

This is has given birth to emergent evidenced-based practices that combine traditional modalities like cognitive behavioral therapy—considered to be the "gold standard" for treating anxiety disorders, such as Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Panic Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and Social Phobia or Social Anxiety Disorder)—with mindfulness practices to great clinical effect (1, 2, 3, 5, 6).

Free wellness guides.

Evidenced-based lifestyle and mental health guides to help you optimize your physical and mental wellness.


Topics ranging from stress and anxiety management, to tips on getting your best night's sleep, and more.

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We are therapists in Sacramento & Online in CA.

Whole Wellness Therapy is a private collective of therapists in Sacramento and Fair Oaks. We offer counseling and psychotherapy for individuals, families and couples through in-person and online therapy appointments.

Each of our therapists have their own specializations, advanced trainings, and personal and professional backgrounds which inform their therapeutic work.

You can read about them below or click on their picture to learn more. We can also offer free 20 min. phone consultations upon request. 



California Board of Behavioral Sciences Registration ​Number: ASW83152

Annika is an associate therapist in the practice. Prior to joining Whole Wellness Therapy, she began her professional career at the renowned Smith College School for Social Work where she worked closely with college students, in addition to becoming certified as a Rape Crisis Counselor. More recently, Annika has been working in Sacramento providing trauma therapy to individuals and couples.

Annika's work is trauma-informed, client-centered and collaborative. She maintains a strong focus on attachment, drawing from emotionally focused therapy (EFT), mindfulness, sensate focus, and sensory approaches, in addition to being classically trained in psychodynamic theory.


She is especially passionate about helping both individuals and couples heal from trauma and form deeper connections, as well as serving folx in the LGBTQ+ community. She also has interests in working with millennials, providing sex therapy, anxiety therapy and grief counseling services. 


California Board of Behavioral Sciences License ​Number: LCSW82146

Lauren works with individuals and families who are struggling from issues ranging from anxiety, PTSD, depression, OCD, and eating disorders.


Prior to joining the practice, Lauren developed a breadth of experience in providing therapy in a variety of settings, from a comprehensive housing and vocational program for women and children who are homeless, to severely mentally ill male inmates to in-home and community-based therapy for children and young adults navigating autism spectrum disorder.

Lauren has special interests in working with teens who are struggling with the stresses and pressures of high school life, in addition to adolescents and young adults dealing with developmental disabilities.



California Board of Behavioral Sciences License ​Number: LCSW75372

Isaac serves as the Executive Director of the practice, gives presentations on addiction and anxiety, provides professional consultations, and oversees the mental health program for a local homeless shelter.

Isaac has worked in a wide variety of settings: from dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) centers to hospice organizations. Prior to founding Whole Wellness Therapy, Isaac worked with the University of California Davis Health to help them build and launch their substance use disorder treatment program as well as their Collaborative Care program, which focuses on treating chronic depression and anxiety in older adults.

In addition to his graduate training in Psychology, Isaac holds a master's degree in Theology and has advanced training in nutritional therapy. Committed to and passionate about life-long learning, Isaac is currently pursuing a doctor of psychology degree at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA.


Isaac is an especially good fit for clients suffering from addiction, anxiety, trauma and existential issues.



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"[My therapist] really validated how I felt and helped me see things in a whole new way.”


— Former Client

"I have referred several clients to Isaac and have seen significant results. He meets clients where they are, so his clients make valuable and sustainable changes. He is an excellent clinician with a well-rounded and personalized approach."


— Sabrina Silva-McKenzie, MD, General Psychiatrist

"You really were effective in showing me ways to get out of the muck and tread water.  I'm dog paddling to shore."


— Former Client

“Isaac is a caring and perceptive therapist. His broad experience and adaptable approach allows him to work effectively with each client’s unique needs.”

— Martin Leamon, MD, Addiction Psychiatry/Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, UC Davis Health



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