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For many, our therapy in Carmichael, CA offers a lasting solution to concerns over anxiety, depression, existential concerns, trauma, PTSD, relationship struggles and more. 

Our holistic approach works best in the search for lasting peace. 


Our philosophy is one that works best for most patients: That lasting change can only happen with taking a holistic approach and only then find a solution that best fits each client. Many therapy groups choose a “McDonald’s approach” to therapy where patients are moved in and out, but a real connection is never made. That’s why we have designed our practice to focus on you. 


We often make the thing (or things) we are struggling with the most important part about what makes us, us. In some ways, this is an easy, relatively seamless thing to do—it’s part of our nature. The danger is when our problem becomes our identity. 


Though addiction, anxiety, depression—you name it—can feel oppressive and dominate many parts of our lives, our struggles are not what makes us who we are—they are a part of us, but they should not define us. When this happens, we can say that we have lost touch with ourselves—with who we really are.


Whole Wellness Therapy was started because we believe that connection is possible. Our goal is to help you get reconnected to you—through exploring the intimate interconnection between body, mind, and spirit. Why? Because it's our belief that when we focus on getting back in touch with ourselves the outcome is not only individual wholeness, but allows us to be more present in our relationships. In other words, reconnecting with yourself affects both your own health and impacts how you connect with others.


If you've been feeling disconnected—from yourself and others—we believe there is hope.

Our practice successfully serves Carmichael with a variety of approaches used by our expert team of licensed therapists. Our partners in the Carmichael area allow us to further recommend ways to make your life more fulfilling even after therapy is complete.


"[My therapist] really validated how I felt and helped me see things in a whole new way.”


— Former Client

"I have referred several clients to Isaac and have seen significant results. He meets clients where they are, so his clients make valuable and sustainable changes. He is an excellent clinician with a well-rounded and personalized approach."


— Sabrina Silva-McKenzie, MD, General Psychiatrist

"You really were effective in showing me ways to get out of the muck and tread water.  I'm dog paddling to shore."


— Former Client

“Isaac is a caring and perceptive therapist. His broad experience and adaptable approach allows him to work effectively with each client’s unique needs.”

— Martin Leamon, MD, Addiction Psychiatry/Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, UC Davis Health


Addiction Counseling Sacramento

When it comes to drugs and alcohol the reason most of us use them is because we like the way they feel.

Depression Treatment Sacramento

Depression impacts us at every level, affecting our energy, thinking, sleeping, appetite, and enjoyment.

Spiritual Counseling Sacramento

You've been searching, but you’re not exactly sure for what. Or maybe you've suffered from spiritual abuse.

Anxiety Therapy Sacramento

Anxiety can feel like the bully trying to steal your lunch money and get in the way of what's important.

Grief Counseling Sacramento

Grief can make us feel like we have lost our entire footing, shifting how we view and make sense of the world.

Teen Counseling Sacramento

Is your teen struggling with anxiety, addiction or depression or something else?

Couple's Therapy Sacramento

You feel like you and your partner are on two different sides of the street, always passing each other by. 

LGBT Counseling Sacramento

Finding a therapist who understands you can be a daunting task on its own.

Trauma Therapy Sacramento

You're not sure who you are anymore or maybe you've never felt seen. You feel disconnected and numb.



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