Therapist in Sacramento, CA


Sometimes the first step is the hardest one to make. Reaching out for help and guidance with things that have heavy emotions behind it can often be overwhelming or even scary. Sometimes we fear that no one could begin to understand the complexity of what is going on in our minds, so it becomes easier to keep it to ourselves. Or we might be seeking healing so desperately that we even find ourselves oversharing with people who can sometimes do more harm than good to our healing process. 

When beginning a journey towards self-growth and healing, the biggest question is often where to start?

Throughout my own journey of healing and experiences working with others, the answer to that depends on how soon we are willing to invite someone into that experience with us, how ready we are to accept and create change, and how eager we are to get out of our comfort zone. 

We are extremely complex beings. It takes time and effort for us to open new windows of our mind that allow us to have a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. 

Getting to work alongside people as they change their lives and learn to truly love themselves is the most rewarding path I have chosen.


Outside of my career as a therapist, I make an effort to “practice what I preach” and embody a lifestyle of health and wellness. I love to spend time in nature, being with loved ones, exercising, and writing music. 


In my time as a therapist, I have had an opportunity to work with several individuals who have never experienced the safety of a therapeutic relationship before. There is something so sacred about creating a confidential space with someone who knows nothing about you outside of those four walls. I aim to create a comfortable environment where you can unload anything you have been carrying without any judgement or expectations. 


I have walked alongside survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and trauma as they move towards healing and forgiveness. I have empowered individuals struggling with codependency, substance use issues, homelessness, and prior justice system involvement to regain a sense of dignity and purpose. 


Regardless of one’s background, I have seen how powerful the therapeutic relationship can be when coping with difficult life transitions, grieving the loss of a loved one, discovering and deepening one’s identity, understanding depression and anxiety and its impact on those around us, mitigating  relationship issues, and overcoming any obstacles that stand between where they are now and the life they want to create.


I am a strong believer that the more confined we stay to our own perspective, the more blind spots we attain as we walk through life. I operate from a relational, cognitive behavioral, problem-solving, trauma-informed, LGBTQ+ affirming, and mindfulness-based perspective.


Hannah Brooks, APCC, AMFT is a registered associate professional clinical counselor, and a registered associate marriage and family therapist at Whole Wellness Therapy


  • Master of Counseling Psychology: William Jessup University (2021)

  • Bachelor of Arts: Psychology, William Jessup University (2017)

Experience working with marginalized populations, children, and adults since 2012.

Specialized trainings in Motivational interviewing (MI), Indigenous Psychology, Mental Health First Aid, Trauma-Informed Care, and Crisis Intervention.

Hannah provides online therapy and in-person therapy to individuals, couples and families.

Supervised by Michael Haynes, MA, LMFT #LMFT94657