Therapist in Sacramento



It can be challenging when we find ourselves off-track and searching for a greater sense of wellbeing. Many of us have experienced trauma or hurt, and we can find the aftermath of this impacting our relationships, and our overall quality of life and sense of security. It can feel both confusing and daunting to try to navigate this on our own. 

One thing we can be certain of, however, is that we are all capable and deserving of healing. 

I love helping individuals work through anxiety related to life transitions, relationships, intimacy or identity. I also have extensive training and experience working with survivors of sexual assault and enjoy helping people reclaim their lives, sense of self and relationships after trauma. This work is dear to my heart and has informed many areas of my career. Additionally, I work with individuals around distress related to grief and loss. 

When I am not working as a therapist, I find ways to be in nature, spending time with loved ones or enjoying live music. I also have a lot of love for animals and a special fondness for cows.  



My approach is collaborative, relational, trauma-informed, LGBTQ+ affirming, psychodynamic and attachment-focused—meaning that I believe one of the best ways we can find healing is in the context of safe and supportive relationships. 


In addition to working with individuals, I also specialize in relationship repair. Perhaps there has been an injury in your relationship that you are hoping to overcome? You might feel hopeless to find yourself stuck in the same patterns or in constant conflict with your partner. Or maybe you are experiencing anxiety related to sex or intimacy. We receive so many different messages throughout our lives about “how we should be” or “who we should be”. This can make it hard to talk about certain topics because we might be afraid they are “taboo”. I love helping people create self-sustaining, thriving relationships where they feel more connected to their partner. 


I strive to help show you that it is okay to talk about uncomfortable, challenging, or painful things. In fact, it is normal and can often feel liberating! While I have always taken an interest in understanding people, connection and healing, one of the biggest reasons I love being a therapist is because it is so rewarding to help others work through, release, and ultimately overcome what may have a hold on them.


Annika Yokum, ASW is a registered associate clinical social worker at Whole Wellness Therapy

  • Bachelors of Science: University of New MexicoMajor in Psychology with Minor in Biological Anthropology (2012)

  • Master of Social Work: Smith College School for Social Work (2017)

  • Experience working with youth, adults, and families since 2015.

Annika provides therapy to individuals, couples and families.

Supervised by Isaac Smith, MAT, LCSW, NTP #LCSW 75372